SicherheitsdiensteIt is a reliable safety of complex production facilities which is implemented by Kurt-Service GmbH security experts. Their range of various tasks includes twenty-four hours monitoring of buildings, production plants, and territory of the site. Access control for vehicles and trucks, servicing and control of safety devices also fall under their competence. Clients’ requests are coordinated in the form of service schedule during the dialogue with the client.

With that we are not talking only about protection from criminal activity (breaking in, thievery, sabotage, espionage), but also about the risks which may arise from technical failures or human factor. Environmental protection of enterprises is of increasing significance nowadays. We are also able to perform certain tasks in this sphere as well due to our trained personnel. Early detection and elimination of such threats requires a high-level personnel skills. Security experts of Kurt-Service GmbH are entirely prepared to fulfill your orders.

Unsere Leistungen im einzelnen:

  • Site security and labor safety
  • Area security service and patrol service
  • Tracking alarm signals and reacting
  • Processing alarm signals and release of the personnel
  • Surveillance during vacation time, phone service center
  • Vds- alarm signal and control station features