Continuing spread of textile covering has led to the situation when over 50% of all covering types are textile.

Along with domestic, administrative, and commercial applications there is also increased demand in retirement homes, health resorts, and schools. The major causes for this are:

  • presentability
  • coziness, feeling of comfort
  • sound absorption and thermal insulation
  • relatively simple to clean in the course of operation

All that imposes high requirements to persons performing building cleaning services. Be it vacuum cleaning with the brush in domestic setting, removing street dust, shampoo or wet cleaning – you always need professional expertise. Specially trained employees firstly check the make and method of laying, adhesion, structure and quality of your covering. When selecting the cleaning method available time should be taken into account (including the time for drying). Our specialists have at their disposal a wide variety of cleaning agents and state-of-the-art equipment, and they undertake tasks for removing various routine contaminations. Think about the outside dirt, traces of chewing gum, spots from food and drinks, house dust, and ticks. We will gladly advise you on the most beneficial cleaning method for your textile floor covering. And of course, we will also clean your cushioned furniture, chairs, and car seats.

Cleaning services for dirt-collecting mats.

Wherever dirt may be accumulating dirt-collectors in form of mats should be placed. Key areas include:

  • entry zones
  • waiting areas
  • elevator zones
  • areas around vending machines, snack bars, and cafeteria
  • passage corridors between administrative buildings and production departments

By using such mats it is possible to collect around 80% of dirt usually brought inside. Our company offers the according services, including consulting on the type, size, and color of dirt-collecting mats. In this way you can lower the number of employees required for cleaning, and preserve your floor covering